Lirik Lagu Superman Is Dead - Forever Love Insane

Forever Love Insane
Lirik Lagu Superman Is Dead

I bleed you bleed with me, I cried for a thousand rose
We walked the diamond dream, let me hold you tight!
Dead flowers in the dark, keep searching for the light, sometime it stays inblack
I will not move back, don't wanna move back no!

My scars are made of love, my heartis not enough
Life's never been so short, won't you hold me tight!
Slept on a bed of nails, woke up in heaven's land
You gave me all the strenght, it's so beautiful, you're my beautifu one!

I'll be the one I'll be there by your side, forever
I'll grab the stars for you and I, in this forever love insane
We'll be alright thru the good and and the bad, forever
And fly with swallows till the end, here's my life for you

We drank our sins away, there'snothing left to say
And when the moon is pale, dig my grave with you!
Here we are standing still, these eyes for you to see
This heart for you to have, it's so beautiful, you're my beautiful one!
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